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T.P. Gureak Industrial

T.P. Gureak Industrial

Specialists in the manufacture of wiring and assemblies, we are part of Gureak's commercial department for the industrial division. We have formed a team with personnel both in origin and destination.

From Spain, we have contacted the major accounts in the automotive, wind energy, elevation and home comfort sectors. And from Germany, we have managed them, visiting them regularly, being proactive and being present until the moment the need arises.

The maturity time for sales in this type of sectors and customers is long, the perceived risk of the customer changing supplier is high and the coordination between the technical office and the sales team is key to success.

Another example of a customer who has a competitive offer, who knows that maturation times are long and that in addition to having a competitive price/quality mix, it is necessary to be serious, compliant, patient and persevering in a market until the results come.