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Txorierri Behargintza

Txorierri Behargintza

Development Agency of the Txorierri region.

With Txorierri Behargintza we have also worked on several projects always related to collaboration and opening of international markets for companies in the area.

Shared Stand at the Hannover Fair.

The shared stand at the main subcontracting fair in Europe between 6 companies from Biscay was the final action of an ambitious and well planned project by the development agency of the Txorierri area, located in Sondika, and which also involved companies brought by the development agency of Ortuella, Meatzaldeko Behargintza.

Together with our collaborating company, OPE CONSULTORES, we worked for EGAZ Txorierri in a project that involved bringing together more than 60 companies from various sectors and eminently small and medium size, mainly, but not only, related to the Automotive and Aeronautics sectors, in three lines:

  • Generate collaboration processes in different areas.
  • Encourage commercial action.
  • Encourage international prospecting.