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International Expansion of Companies

We are experts in accelerating the international expansion of companies, opening new markets and getting clients where we identify opportunities.

Our ONURA team is composed of 12 experts in the international field and commercial activity, that help companies go global. We define the action plan together with our clients and we make sure it is carried out.

We accelerate the process by joining our client’s team: we plan, we do the research and we travel on their behalf.

«Execution + Results»: We are executors of the internationalisation plans that we define together with our clients. We are dedicated to bringing results, sales.

We also do consultancy, because based on our experience, we first say what we would do and how.

So far, we have worked with more than 130 companies (startups, SMEs and large companies) in the thinking process and in the implementation of their plan: looking for distributors and analysing them, helping our clients to establish themselves abroad, improving their international purchases’ management, and acting as our clients’ export department.

Thanks to that, we have already pursued and generated more than 60 million euros in sales.

Thinking of action

The ONURA methodology for the international expansion of companies has been proven in practice. Being a systematic work, our method is results-oriented, and always based on direct contact with the market.

We make the most of our contact network for a specific sector and we use both ONLINE and OFFLINE tools. This allows us to make decisions, to prioritise actions and to execute them in the most appropriate way in each project.

We take part in every step of the process together with our clients, taking into account each company’s nature, needs, opportunities and ambitions at every moment.

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