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Content Oriented Plan

Onura: Content Oriented Plan

Two of the keys to a healthy commercial strategy are:

  • Being findable (Online Commercial Channel SEO and SEM).
  • To build loyalty among "non-customers" who have already been prospected: to communicate with our qualified database.

To do this, it is important to systematise the CREATION and PUBLICATION of content aimed at our potential customers.

  1. Agree on the content plan aimed at target customers.
  2. Define a content creation process together with key people in key departments.
  3. Design an image template.
  4. Set up a publication process in the appropriate networks.

But it is one thing to agree on what needs to be done, and another to do it.

This is perhaps, in fact, the main difficulty we have encountered with most of our clients: they had neither the habit nor the staff to implement a Content-Oriented Plan.

Experience has shown us that it is important that we accompany the process. We research. We ask questions. We write. We publish.

From words to deeds.

Onura: Content Oriented Plan
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