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Strategic Adaptation Services

Onura: Strategic Adaptation Services

The Strategic Adaptation service we present below is part, together with the "Commercial Action" and "Allbound Commercial Inertia" services, of the ACELERA 2023 group of services: High impact, fast execution and results-oriented actions.

It will help you to redefine your action plan in the short term, adapting to the continuous changes we are experiencing. These are very practical and results-oriented services, which will help you to give a strong impulse to your commercial action in 2023.

1.- SMART UP Service: Review and Adapt your Business Strategy

Strategic Adaptation - that's the key!

Do you have a new product or line of business that you want to launch? Do you want to rethink / review your commercial strategy?

With our service, together with top executives, and in a very practical way, we will review the crucial points of your commercial strategy: target customers and value proposition. Define people of interest in companies and adjust messages. Assessing markets. Commercial channel and value proposition/business in the channel.

In addition to the AllBound vision of Commercial Inertia in your historical and potential database. Something fundamental in these times.


  • A cohesive team.
  • A clear direction.
  • A precise short-term action plan for prospecting new clients and generating "commercial inertia" that allows us to optimise results in the short and medium term.
Onura: Servicio SMART UP
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