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"Lean Sales"

We apply "Lean" philosophy to Sales: Lean Strategy + Sales

Always in close contact with the market, we accelerate processes by integrating ourselves into the client's team: we plan, prospect and travel on their behalf.

We analyse the market and segment. We work short lists of clients in different segments/markets to focus on where we see potential and quickly modify what is not working.

Lean Sales: Strategy. Action. Multiplication.

  • Defining the strategy and action plan in the short and medium term.
  • Prospecting opportunities, and market testing our product/service (business/value proposition).
  • Searching for customers and commercial channel, distributors and/or partners.
  • Improving and expanding sales management.
Filosofia "Ventas Lean"

AllBound Sales ON+ Methodology

"The objective of any sales-focused organisation is to be competitive, to sell and to generate COMMERCIAL INERTIASY".

Every sales process, and especially B2B, has three fundamental aspects that must be taken into account in any Sales Plan:

  • Continuous prospecting of new potential customers: search and contact with new companies / people on a continuous basis.
  • Loyalty of "Non-Customers": most of our potential customers are not current customers, because when we have met them they were not at the right time to buy. Communicating with the right cadence to our database of past and potential historical customers is the key.
  • Loyalty and growth in current customers. And in the case of multinationals in other divisions of the same.

To achieve this, we will implement three lines of work:

  1. Continuous Prospecting: Hunting.
  2. Being findable: Fishing.
  3. Non-Customer Loyalty: Allbound.

Thus, with a sustained rhythm of prospecting and a good digital strategy, on the one hand we will be detecting companies with real current interest and on the other we will have more and more well segmented and qualified companies to follow up because they do not have interest or real purchasing capacity at the moment, but they may have it in the medium and long term.

This is the basis of Commercial Inertia and to be able to "exploit" it well we propose the ON+ methodology of B2B Sales, which mixes the concepts of outbound sales and inbound marketing.

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  2. ON+ Methodology, part I
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ON + 3 parallel working lines: ALLBOUND

  1. ProspectiON and qualificatiON of companies.
  2. To be findable: SEO + SEM
  3. Nourishment with people-oriented content from the generated database
    • Trust
    • Detecting moments of interest (Inbound alarms)