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Services Digital Kit 2022

Onura: Services Digital Kit 2022

Onura, as an approved digitising agent, is able to offer a series of services aimed at the digitisation of a company's commercial processes.

These services will act efficiently in the acquisition and management of valuable prospects (leads) according to the criteria of the commercial department.

You can see the complete catalogue of services on our page dedicated to the Digital Kit:

Services offered by Onura for the DIGITAL KIT 2022

Among others, the services on which we can act are:

  • Implementation of CRM for lead management.
  • Optimisation of the website for lead generation
    Traffic acquisition to the website to increase the traffic of qualified leads.
  • Identification of anonymous visitor companies
    Online competitor tracking to find out their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Social media management for lead generation
    Advanced analytics of data obtained from various digital tools.
  • Advanced integration between company management systems and digital tools.
Onura: Services Digital Kit 2022
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