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Our expertise

Entering New Markets / Sectors

Company profile: SME or large company with a competitive product or service and wanting to expand and go for new clients, by breaking into new markets or industries .

Having identified the most important sectors and markets, and having analysed local and international competition, we get involved in commercial activity to try to enter those new markets or industries.

Becoming part of our client’s sales team, we search, we filtre, we contact potential clients and we visit, if necessary, end customers, distributors or representatives. This helps us see if we are competitive in a shorter time.

The aim is always to bring results as soon as possible. We take care of the clients we get until our client decides to do so with their own resources.

Custom-made Export Department

Ideal for SMEs and startups who want to enter new markets and need experienced sales backup.

Onura can be a complement to your sales team.

We quickly become part of the company and we always aim to bring results. We know that each company and their situation is different, so we adapt and try to focus on those markets or niches for which they don’t have the needed time or human resources.

It is a custom-made service for startups, SMEs or large companies of all types.

In Onura, we build a team for each project, whose job is to prioritise goals, try to accelerate the process, apply all the acquired knowledge and experience and bring results.

Integration of Online and Offline Tools

We integrate online tools in the commercial activity to prioritise, go after and get new clients in new markets and sectors.

We can use online tools for investigating new markets and for prioritising goals, as well as for pursuing real sales opportunities in the B2B environment.

They allow us to gain speed, get an overview of the situation and be more effective, which optimises the budget.

The website acts as a sales agent: it brings information and interesting contacts, so that our sales team can go after them and try to get sales and new clients.

Launching New Products

Company profile: startup, SME or large company with a new product that needs to test if it is competitive.

There are two stages to launch new products:

The first one is test the idea by showing the product in progress to key potential customers to see if they find it interesting.

The second one is to go out to sell once the product is finished and we are ready.

Onura works in both stages: we search, filtre, contact, visit, make offers and sell.

We take care of the clients we get until the company that hires us tells us they will do so with their own resources.

Of course, we always transfer our experience and the acquired knowledge in the form of conclusions and advise on the next steps.