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CRM implementation

Onura. CRM implementation

CRM is a key tool for a sales team focused on B2B and B2C sales.

It is the centre of commercial information. In it we will have access to the relevant information of each customer, the interactions with the sales team with the content generated and with our online sales channel.

It will allow us to optimise the commercial action, the frequency of contact and the type of communication. It will also help us to better segment and identify moments of interest of our potential customers.

Once we have well built the segmentation, we will build tags to identify each type of customer, allowing us to follow up each segment in detail, either by phone, email or even Linkedin, based on how they progress in our sales funnel.

We have worked with several and generally implement the one we use ourselves. At the moment, because of its USABILITY, PRICE and PERFORMANCE, we use and implement the HUBSPOT CRM for our clients.

The most common process to get started is as follows:

Phase 1: Initial implementation of HubSpot in the Starter Package

  • Understand business flow and segmentation.
  • Align pipelines with objectives.
  • Prepare and edit necessary "properties" in Companies, Contacts and Businesses.
  • Prepare emailing tools.
  • Prepare basic reports.
  • Synchronise web and email accounts with CRM.

Phase 2. Implementation training

  • Training in regular use.
  • Configuration, user administration and property editing.
  • Preparation of reports.
  • Execution of mailings.
  • Online training (HubSpot resources).

Phase 3. Accompaniment in execution:

  • Monthly meeting for doubts.
  • Permanent assistance with technical problems.
Onura. CRM implementation
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