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Implementation of the Allbound Methodology

Onura: Implementation of the Allbound Methodology

From our point of view, the objective of any organisation focused on sales is to be competitive, to sell and to generate COMMERCIAL INERTIALITY.

In order to achieve this, every sales process, especially B2B, has three fundamental aspects that must be taken into account:

  1. Continuous prospecting of new potential customers: search and contact with new companies / people on a continuous basis.
  2. Loyalty of "Non-Customers": most of our potential customers are not current customers, because when we have reached them they were not at the right time to buy. Communicating with the right cadence to our database of past and potential historical customers is the key.
  3. Loyalty and growth in current customers. And in the case of multinationals in other divisions of the same.

We help you to implement this sales methodology in your organisation, to have an optimised sales process and team.

Find out more about our methodology here:

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