We specialise in accelerating the international expansion of companies

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Our expertise

Integration of Online and Offline Tech.

We integrate Commercial Technolgy in the commercial activity to prioritise, go after and open new clients, markets and sectors.

Entering New Markets/Sectors

Company profile: SME or large company with a competitive product or service and wanting to expand and go for new clients, markets or sectors.

Launching New Products

Company profile: startup, SME or large company with a new product that needs to test if it is competitive.

Custom-made Export Department

Ideal for SMEs and startups who want to enter new markets and need experienced sales backup.

Universities and Institutions

We participate as speakers, providing training, stimulating companies and encouraging collaborative projects aimed at entering new markets and clients.

Added value


Since 2005, entering new markets and finding new clients for start-ups, SMEs and large companies.


International Commercial Activity focused on results.


If a product is competitive, we drive sales. If it isn't, we get to know the reason for it.


We are fast and accurate when it comes to notice if a product is competitive in a determined market. If it is the case, we deliver results. In other words, sales.

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