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Trade shows

Onura: Organising International Trade Shows

Organising International Trade Shows: Pre-Show, Show and Post-Show

Attending trade shows as a visitor or as an exhibitor is highly recommended in every internationalisation process: it is a source of learning and, above all, a good trade and networking channel.

However, a poorly organised trade show stands for a bad investment.

If you want to exhibit successfully, organising a trade show takes time. In Onura, we work the pre-show and the post-show. We attend the show ourselves representing our clients or together with them, and we get to make the most of their investments.

If instead you want to visit a trade show aiming to sell, we arrange meetings with other companies that can be potential clients or even complementary and/or suppliers. Once in the field, our specialty is to get contact people, and then make the next steps with those companies that have been defined as potential or complementary clients. Get information on how the market is organised, sizes, volumes, retail chain…

Working in the field, together with our clients, we optimise the invested money and time into visiting trade shows of their sector.

Onura: Organising International Trade Shows
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