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Trade Action Service

Onura: Trade Action Service

The Commercial Action Services presented below, together with "Strategic Adaptation" and "Allbound Commercial Inertia", form part of the ACELERA 2023 group of services: High impact, fast execution and results-oriented actions.

Using Lean Sales methodology, we will prospect opportunities in new customers, new markets or new niches.

1.- PACK CALLS Service: Commercial Prospecting of a segment looking for short term results and medium term opportunities.

Every future sale starts with a first contact.

Lean sales. Precise value proposals for specific customers.

Experience confirms that the success rate of segmented commercial action is always higher. With our Lean Segmented Sales service, together with you, we will draw up a short list of target customers and contact them on your behalf in order to set up the commercial action that will enable us to offer in the short term and follow up effectively in order to obtain more results in the medium term.


  • It is the most efficient way to assess our opportunity in a defined market or in a specific niche and we will also have qualified potential clients based on contact with the right people in each one of them, and a specific commercial follow-up plan for each one based on their "moment" of interest/need.
  • All this is carried out in any of the languages that the Onura team is fluent in: French, Arabic, Russian, German, Spanish, English, Chinese and Basque.
Onura: PACK LLAMADAS service
Onura: LinkedIn PROACTIVO Service

2.- PROACTIVO LinkedIn Service: Preparation of company profile, key people for commercial prospecting and in-company training.

Every customer finds out who we are before they talk to us further.

That is the way it is. We do. They do.

So we have to be prepared. We need to convey a consistent image not only on our website, but also on social media profiles, mainly LinkedIn, of both the company and key employees.

Finally, and given that "the whole organisation sells", we recommend including in-company training to be able to combine the efforts of all the people and get our messages to more potential markets.


  • Both your company profile and that of key employees will "reflect" what you solve for your customers, the value you bring to them, the experience you demonstrate. In short, to generate more confidence to earn the right to the next conversation / meeting / visit / offer / sale.
  • In addition, the organisation is "aligned" on the importance of communicating with a commercial attitude to improve results in the short and medium term.

3.- KEY PEOPLE Service. Search for key people in your potential customers

Your clients are not "companies", they are people who work in companies. And that is why it is very important to know who to talk to and to have our database up to date.

To do this, once we have defined the target companies, and the key positions/profiles in each type of company, we will search using both online tools and calls if necessary to find the right people in your potential clients.


Updated database to be able to launch a more effective commercial action both in initial prospecting and "Allbound Commercial Inertia".

Onura: CONTACT PACK Service

4.-  CONTACT PACK Service: Review of cold door contact tools. The Contact Pack

Continuous prospecting is essential.

Every first contact is followed by an introductory email to the right person and every first email is followed by a call to further explain what we have to offer. In addition, invitations to connect via LinkedIn or other types of interaction can be made before or during the first contact.

These first contacts are essential to be able to move forward. They are not improvised. They are prepared. They are worked on.


  • Tendrás trabajados los Perfiles de las personas de interés en las empresas objetivo.
  • Un e-mail de entrada bien redactado, hablando de lo que le importa al cliente.
  • Un “discurso comercial” escrito que sirva de guión en la llamada.
  • Una batería de preguntas claves que nos permita “cualificar” el cliente con el que hablamos.
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