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International Expansion in Business Cooperation: Export Groups and Consortia

Onura: Internationalisation in business cooperation

We strongly believe in the need to work in partnership. We also do it, and we know it is not always easy. However, we believe it is a key to success.

We have experience in triggering business cooperation processes and in creating export consortia. We contribute by stimulating these collaborative groups and then implementing and monitoring the actions to be undertaken.

The first duty is to build trust among the companies involved by depicting a shared project and clear game rules. Not only should the group agree on what it should be done; those decisions need to be carried out later on.

In Onura, we are used to lead business cooperation processes, from simple information exchanges and joint business activities to the creation of export groups and consortia and even mergers.

According to our experience, if there are no results, groups usually break up. We are experts in bringing results if we find a common value proposition that is competitive.

  • Giving confidence to the group.
  • Definition of target clients and value proposition.
  • Game rules of the group.
  • Search, filtering and contact of potential clients or target sales network.
  • Go after results: agreements, SALES and information.
  • Coordinated working, pursuing both general group targets and specific targets of each of the companies that comprise the group.
Onura: Internationalisation in business cooperation
Onura: Form

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