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Advantages Onura Model

  • 01

    Unique Online + Offline Combination: We incorporate both online and offline knowledge and commercial action in all our projects.

  • 02

    Experience: Since 2005. Extensive experience in international and national project implementation.

  • 03

    We do: We take a very operational approach to all our work.

  • 04

    Team: We team up with our clients, learn quickly and apply experience and methodology to make the right decisions.

  • 05

    Commitment: We make our clients' objectives our own.

  • 06

    We vary the fixed cost. We win if our client wins.

  • 07

    Flexible solutions: We offer flexible, tailor-made solutions that evolve with needs and opportunities.

  • 08

    Knowledge: Quick access to extensive international business knowledge (1 team vs. 1 person).

  • 09

    Engine in Motion: The knowledge stays with the client. We generate a commercial inertia and a "way of working" that remains "working" for those who hire us.

  • 10

    Speed: If a product is competitive, we get sales. If it is not, we get information on why it is not and we help you to make it competitive.