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Operational Market Research

Onura: Operational Market Research

A market research is the best way to know whether a market or niche is of interest for our clients.

Our market studies are operational: ‘we learn as we sell’.

We define and look for new end customers and potential prescribers. At the same time, we learn from competitors’ trade channels and from that of complementary products.

Then, we screen ‘ideal’ clients and we contact them in order to verify if they find our offer interesting or not, and why. Always aiming to sell, if possible.
As a result of this research and contacts, we consider needs, opportunities and possible barriers (customs barriers, certifications or cultural barriers).

This market research targeted at large companies or SMEs might involve travelling to the target country on our own or together with our client. After that, we advise on the next steps and we define an action plan right for the market or niche.

With this approach, we get to understand a market, we reduce deadlines and we accelerate results.

Onura: Operational Market Research
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