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Commercial Outsourcing National and International

Onura: Outsourcing Comercial Nacional e Internacional

Our commercial outsourcing service for export departments helps accelerate business results with the opening of new clients and entering new markets.

We become part of our client’s team and we focus on those geographical areas or sectors for which the company does not have enough specific staff.

  • 1.

    We set goals together.

  • 2.

    We search, we filter and we contact both potential clients and the sales networks that have already been defined.

  • 3.

    We travel to the selected market, we close agreements, we pursue sales and we bring results.

We do all this always on behalf of the company that we are working for, never being perceived as an intermediary.

Depending on the project and available budgets, we use online and offline tools, giving importance to the quality of the website. Thus, the online channel becomes part of the sales strategy of the company.

We have experience in many different sectors such as automotive components, design furniture, building materials, packing material, railway components, industrial software, special steels, components for the lifting sector, the food sector…

Our commercial outsourcing service is also the perfect complement to sales networks of large companies and startups: we can quickly determine whether their products and services have chances to enter new markets or sectors, and we can also test the chances of a new business.

If their projects are feasible, we speed them up, bring the first sales and make the following growth possible.

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