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Grupo Prilux Iluminación

Grupo Prilux Iluminación

SME specialized in lighting installation.

Grupo Prilux had done things very well.

It had already visited and analyzed the Brazilian market and had decided that it had potential, talking to customers, to competitors' salespeople, to the world of distribution.

He knew margins, costs, and market volumes, and that is where we came into Onura, giving them the extra strength, the extra experience in the market and in the implementation process that they did not have. We accompanied them through the whole process, hiring lawyers, finding industrial buildings, obtaining visas for the displaced personnel, fiscal analysis of the operations, hiring accounting services, guidance in salaries and compensation to the manager ... We are sure that they could have done it without us if they had had the necessary time and dedicated personnel to do it. We were the extra force needed to make the implementation project a reality.