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SME manufacturer of Industrial Pumps MAPNER is a company with a technical product with a long maturation period that is sold mainly in important projects of Biogas, Water Treatment, Cement and Mining.

In order to sell, in many cases, it is necessary to "work" with large international engineering companies in the prescription, and with distributors or representatives who in addition to doing commercial work at destination must be able to provide maintenance.with Mapner we have been working for years supporting their sales department "in whatever is necessary at any given time".

We have worked looking for commercial channels in countries such as Colombia, Poland, Turkey or Bulgaria. We have worked on the "prescriber" channel so that some large European engineering companies include us as a supplier in their projects. We have "pushed and pursued" the commercial action of the representatives/distributors in some markets in order to materialize projects, such as the United Kingdom, Poland or Romania. We have worked with the management team planning the international development of the company, both through exports and through commercial and productive implementation in high potential markets.