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Gomavial Solutions

Gomavial Solutions

GOMAVIAL is a company that has developed a process that can have several applications.

Onura complements the commercial action led by its two partners promoters, giving volume of contact, speed and systematics to the commercial work, prospecting 4 sectors and testing the value proposition, to define after an intense commercial work of 5 months which are the markets to focus on and necessary improvements in the products we are offering.

We are also working on the implementation of a commercial website that will help us mainly to detect new applications and sectors of opportunity, as well as potential customers in the sectors that have already been identified.

Currently we offer a very customized service for each moment of need: Gomavial has its own commercial activity for the main niches in which from Onura we only follow some specific high potential clients and we work prospecting new niches in which opportunities are detected.