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Confecciones Uzturre

Confecciones Uzturre

SME in the children's textile sector.

UZTURRE is a beautiful company with its own product, leader in its niche at national level, but with very little international presence.

We started getting to know each other by doing the operative market study (knowing the market and knowing if we can sell, trying to sell) in the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia, and a few months later we became their export department.

We prioritize some target markets, but prospecting in parallel all over the world. We work a team of 4 people in the project and in the last 16 months we have opened sales points in more than 10 countries including USA, Middle East, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, ... and participating in several fairs both in grouped stand and individually.

This is another clear example of how we work at Onura: when a company has a competitive product we are able to sell. It costs time and money. But if there is a competitive product, with a good commercial work, sales come and the commercial work is profitable.