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Stemm Equipos Industriales

STEMM Equipos Industriales

Support and implementation of Business Plan 2020-2023

Stemm, an SME from Guipuzcoa specialized in the manufacture of electro-hydraulic grabs and grabs with an export rate of over 80%.

After a previous commercial activity in which we made a series of telephone and e-mail contacts to update the status of potential customers, they asked us for help to organize, plan and coordinate the implementation of a business plan between ownership, commercial and technical management.

As part of the process, we carry out a segmentation of the current portfolio to identify the 80/20 of the business that allows us to focus our efforts. In parallel, we activate the entire pool of key suppliers and related commercial services that directly target Stemm's value proposition.

The result is a customized business plan in key accounts and broken down by responsible parties and functions scheduled over time.