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Grupo Adilan

Grupo Adilan

Collaboration Group between 3 companies and a technology center.

With the help of our partner company in Strategy, People, Finance and Innovation, OPE CONSULTORES, we started working on this project of 3 well-known companies in the Durango area that, together with a technology center, decided to get together to analyze the potential of selling a special material that they consider has a lot of potential, and in which they would be complementary.

Together with OPE, the group and the way of working are organized, and it is decided to test the potential by trying to sell the solution to certain customer profiles.

This is what we call an "operational" market study. "Learning by trying to sell along the way". To do this, we generate a common brand, a simple website and a value proposition, and we get in contact with potential customers, thus managing to assess the opportunity, as well as to offer and sell. And very importantly, improve the joint value proposition, team coordination, and trust between the parties.