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Basque Rail Group

Basque Rail Group

Group of three companies focused on the Railway sector.

Together with the Alto Urola Development Agency (UGGASA) we started working in a group of companies willing to collaborate and join forces to attack markets and customers that they are not reaching on their own.

We work with the companies in the definition of particular and common objectives for the three companies and a greater trust is generated among the participants so that not only new clients are sought in new markets but also the current ones are crossed and referenced among them in order to achieve better results.

The three companies manage to bid in new clients and international markets and also launch a commercial dynamic, learning what they are and are not competitive in, obtaining new sales in new clients. Several joint visits to various markets are organized and the company participates in the sector's benchmark fair Ferrocarril Innotrans, as well as visiting other fairs in Brazil and France with prior preparation and a commercial agenda.