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Ignacio Fdez. Zabaleta

Managing Partner and Project Manager

I’m Ignacio Fernández Zabaleta.

I started working in 1998 in the International Department of TESA. I used to develop markets, look for distributors and train them, and manage Key Accounts in Latin America. I had to become an ‘expat’ in order to open and reorganise subsidiaries in Brazil and Mexico and develop the Caribbean area.

In 2005, after a ‘short’ (15-month-long) and fantastic trip around the world, I came back to San Sebastian. Together with two other partners and former ‘bosses’ of mine, we launched ONURA, combining the two activities that I like most: business development and travelling anywhere.

Selling in new markets, to new clients, in new sectors, has something of ‘adventurous’, a word that perfectly defines anyone in Onura.

In Onura, together with my team, I have been actively involved in the international launch and development of several companies, were they startups, SMEs or large companies. I have been selling in more than 40 countries and in multiple sectors, including the machine industry, automotive, railway, software, health, textile, furniture, machining, stamping, building materials…

I can summarise Onura in three sentences.

  1. If a company has a competitive product or service we will get sales, because we are good at locating clients, conveying value proposition and monitoring clients systematically.
  2. We make money if our clients do so, being always Exclusive Sales Agents.
  3. We are more an ‘implementer’ than a consultancy. Of course we sometimes work as ‘consultants’, but what really makes us different is that we ‘implement plans in field operations’. We sell. We get results.