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Amaia de la Iglesia

Image and Design Coordinator


I am Amaia de la Iglesia, graduated in Art History from the Basque Public University. After my four years of undergraduate studies, I became interested in the audiovisual world so I decided to train in multimedia audiovisual production, in this period of time I understood the importance of good management and teamwork that led me to do my internship within the Erasmus + program in Amsterdam, specializing specifically in video pre-production and post-production.

After my stay in Holland I realized that in order to add value to my projects and my artistic interests it was necessary to train as a graphic designer. In my last year of graphic design studies, I had the opportunity to do dual training in one of the Basque companies with the greatest international projection as part of its product department.

Since I joined Onura, I have been putting into practice all my artistic skills, performing the functions of image and design coordinator. The combination of the industrial experience of my colleagues together with my profile, makes me able to add value to the digital services we offer within the B2B industrial world.