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We accelerate your entry into Latin America Service: Touch & Feel LATAM

Aceleramos tu entrada en América Latina Servicio: Touch & Feel LATAM

Do you have sales potential in Latin America?

Do you know who your customers are?

Do you want to check your possibilities quickly and economically?

We do it for you: Fast. Inexpensive. Concrete. Efficient. Modular.

From ONURA, together with our partners in the INTERACCION group (TACEX in Gasteiz and HASTEN in Bilbao) we have designed this service, very oriented, like everything we do, to action. To results.

Our methodology is based on more than 20 years of experience in opening markets and on common sense.

It is based on the Touch & Feel concept: The best market research is the one we do with our potential customers when we try to sell to them.


Phase 1: Definition of country and potential customers to target

  • We define with you 1 tariff item that your potential customers buy.
  • We define with you 1 country where we will do the analysis.

Phase 2: Searching and filtering

We look for companies that IMPORT these products and we filter the information we get with you to decide which companies we are interested in contacting to validate your commercial potential.

  • Name of importing company (potential customer).
  • Quantity of imported product.
  • Purchase volume (USD).
  • Supplier company (competitor/complementary).

Phase 3: Contacting "filtered" companies

  • Preparation of commercial pitch and definition of information to be obtained.
  • Contact:- Search for the right person in each organisation- Send information- Follow up to validate possible interest and next steps.

IMPORTANT: This contact phase is critical and calls will be made by people with proven experience in international commercial work. We will need a corporate email of the company and "minimum" communication material to be able to reach our potential clients with possibilities of success. We have to be able to generate trust and interest and for this, both the people who make the contact and the "communication tools" we use will be key: PDF catalogue and website.

Phase 4: Analysis of results and definition of next steps.


Phase 1 and 2: Prioritisation, search and filtering

  • 1 country: EUR 700
  • 2 countries: EUR 600 per country
  • 3 or more countries: EUR 500 per country

Phase 3: Contact, validation of interest and collection of market information.

  • 10 contacts: EUR 650 (in any of the countries analysed).
  • 20 contacts: 1000 Euros (in any of the countries analysed).
  • 40 contacts: EUR 1800 (in any of the countries analysed).
  • 50 contacts: EUR 2000 (in any of the countries analysed).

Phase 4: Included.


Extra sales force. Moreover, if after these first contacts we identify potential, and you need extra sales force, from Interaccion, we provide the appropriate teams to be able to sustain this commercial action over time, acting as Commercial Departments, both identifying and contacting potential customers, as well as preparing commercial agendas and visiting our customers to build trust and thus, offers and sales.

Please consult with us on how we would approach your project. We charge based on results. We win if you win. Experience Interaction Group:

  • 200+ clients.
  • 26 specialists in international markets.
  • Experience and projects in more than 70 countries.

Project results (2013):

  • 21.3 million € contracted in international markets for our clients.
  • 8 million € leveraged through digital environments for our clients.
  • Projects developed in 43 countries.