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ON+ Service, Acceleration & Commercial Inertia

Servicio ON+, Aceleración & Inercia Comercial

Before those days of summer relaxation that we are all going to take in August, we present the ON+ Service: B2B Allbound commercial action.

The best of Outbound and Inbound, together and tailor-made for B2B sales departments.

Why should you be interested? Because it is profitable in the short and medium-long term. We generate commercial results in the short term and a powerful commercial inertia in the medium term for your company.

  • What it is : ON+ is an All bound Commercial Acceleration service. Commercial action by experts with commercial tools that give us more speed and reach.
  • For whom: Large companies (specific divisions and product launches) and SMEs that want to enter new market niches.
  • How: We prospect customers, qualify interest, identify current opportunities and interact with relevant content to identify opportunities as they arise.
  • When: Now. The service lasts a minimum of 5 months, in order to leave the company with results in the short term and a "commercial machine" in place for the product/service we want to "accelerate".

At Onura we don't do commercial magic. We have a methodology that has been proven by our experience and that we know works. The ON+ Service is a unique combination of Experience and Commercial Technology that we have been testing for months, and that has proven to be much more powerful since March, you know why.

We wish you a happy summer. And together we will lift 2020 and launch 2021!