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ON+ Service, Acceleration and Commercial Inertia (Part II)

Servicio ON+, Aceleración e Inercia Comercial (Parte II)

And with this delivery we finish telling you about our On+ Service: Acceleration and Commercial Inertia.

Today we will "close the circle" by going deeper into the implementation of the Allbound Methodology (Inbound+Outbound), a methodology proven by our extensive experience in the search for new customers and markets for the companies that have trusted us over the years.

Commercial Inertia must be generated.

As we mentioned in the previous post, to generate this commercial inertia we use the Allbound Methodology, which includes two phases, the preparation phase and the action phase.


  • We elaborate the Value Proposition: What do we improve/solve and for whom?
  • We segment and prioritise target companies and locate the target people in the companies.
      • Building on existing databases
      • Extending databases
  • We prepare "buyerpersonalised" value proposals and commercial policy in the channel (prices, samples, stock, etc…)
      • Pre-sales and after-sales commercial process and experience.
      • Persons of interest" profiles with reasons to buy and reasons not to buy.
  • Personal and company profiles on LinkedIn and other networks.
  • We define the Strategy and a Content Plan.
  • We define the sources for content.
  • We prepare the image, formats, accessible content, updated website,...


So, once the profiles have been prepared and defined, our channels have been set up and a strategy has been defined, we move on to Action, which consists of three phases: 

Speed and volume depending on how ambitious we want to be

2.1.- Prospecting

Search and contact via phone + e-mail + Linkedin with the selected persons from the target companies.

With a triple objective:

  1. Qualify companies and individuals and obtain adequate contact details (e-mail).
  2. Let them know we exist. That they know about us. That they investigate us.
  3. Generate "conversation" with the right people.

Depending on the "differential quality" of what we propose, the "Conversion to sales" ratio at this stage will be higher or lower.

2.2- Nutrition

Create content for the different states of the "Potential Customers" in the "Inertia Wheel".

  • Nurture all potential customers with relevant information so that they will consider us when the time comes.
  • Be able to identify to interact/converse with those users who give "signals" to move from the Information phase to the Research phase.:
  • «Alarmas Inbound«
    • Downloadable Content (in exchange for e-mail).
    • Subscriptions to Newsletter / Blog / LinkedIn page and profiles.
    • Who interacts with publications.
    • Who opens newsletters / mailings several times.

2.3.- Multiplication

Define a "personal" contact rhythm for the different types of company/person in order to be present at their "moments of decision".

The cadence will be defined according to:

  • What companies are interested in.
  • Interactions with our content.
  • Segment/country/sector dynamics.

This concept of "commercial inertia" is applicable to all companies, but it is essential for SMEs and large companies with differentiated niches, which aim to enter new customers and markets that in many cases will not know them, and therefore have to build trust by transmitting knowledge and experience.

And as we have told you before, it's not magic, it's experience!