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Onura starts the year in Dubai

Onura arranca el año en Dubai

Our first trip of the year to Dubai, each time we arrive in this city, we are more and more surprised by the amount of new buildings that are under construction. There seems to be no end to the Arab ambition to create a model western city in the middle of a powerful region with one of the most traditional cultures in the world.

We went there on a two-day express visit to visit one of our oldest clients.


  • Consolidate a new customer with whom we have already worked on two large orders.
  • Contact 4 new potential customers.Ha sido un viaje tranquilo: no nos ha fallado ninguna visita y hemos optimizado presupuesto gracias a un buen trabajo.

Dubai is simple: hotel, taxi, client. The clients are not far away (maximum 45 minutes by taxi), the traffic is smooth, the visits are pleasant and the business potential is impressive.

However, we get tired of hearing that we are in the most competitive market in the world where prices come first... How many times have I heard this in so many other countries! We are dealing with a product that is sold with a very demanding mix of quality and price.... orders are often decided by thousandths of a euro.

The truth is that this city not only covers the Emirates, a small "country" with 4.5 million inhabitants, but it is also a platform for access to many other countries in the area... and in particular, 3 large markets: Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran. This is what makes it more than worthy of the continuous effort required to initiate and maintain relationships with the clients we are opening up.

In Arab countries, when a product has quality and is competitive, it sells. But it is undoubtedly key, as in most places, to build relationships between people and between "organisations".