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Onura Consulting, Morocco 2013

Onura Consulting, Morocco 2013

For the second consecutive year we return to Algeria and Tunisia with one of our customers whose product is already starting to be sold in these countries after the effort made the previous year. The aim of this trip is not only to consolidate our existing customers, but also to gain new ones and expand our range of products in both countries.

In Algeria we find a fierce competition between importers and distributors, the bureaucratic complexity of this country together with the atmosphere of distrust that is breathed at the time of starting a business makes things go slow, once the thing starts and everything is easier. On the other hand Tunisia shows another face, it has no oil and therefore less money and the competition is less and the tranquility breathed among its importers more bearable.

This year we have made 7 days of mission, 5 in Algeria and 2 in Tunisia, taking advantage of the fact that in Algeria they work on Sundays and in Tunisia on Saturdays. Even taking into account that in the Arab world a lot is promised and then not fulfilled... We are returning home with a positive outlook!