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ON+ Service, Acceleration and Commercial Inertia (Part I)

Servicio ON+, Aceleración e Inercia Comercial (Parte I)

As we presented a few days ago, Onura has launched a new service, "ON+ Service, Acceleration and Commercial Inertia".

This new service is a unique combination of commercial experience and technology to bring companies closer to their potential customers. As you already know, the buying / selling process is changing and therefore we have to adapt, for this it is very important to put digital tools to work at the service of the commercial.

Below we show you in detail how Onura implements this service.

As always, everything starts with:

  • What we improve/solve and for whom (Business proposition/value).
  • Segment target companies and commercial channel and locate target persons in the companies.
  • Prepare "buyerpersonalised" value propositions and pricing policy in the channel.
  • Prepare ourselves in terms of image, formats, accessible content, updated website, personal and company profiles in networks, etc.

And now to "sell":

First of all, it must be borne in mind that in order to optimise the commercial effort, it is necessary to work both on:

  • Prospecting and qualification of companies and initial contacts.
  • Nurturing with contents and commercial follow-up of all the potential clients we have detected.

In this way, we will be on our potential client's list as "potential solvers" of their needs when they decide to "investigate" alternatives.

To this end, it is important that the commercial strategy that we define includes at all times both prospecting for new potential customers and a content-oriented commercial strategy that allows us to:

  • Help to position ourselves as "experts" in the solution.
  • Detect when a previously qualified contact becomes interested in a solution such as ours (inbound alarms).

Commercial inertia

In short, it is a question of generating commercial inertia that helps us to achieve results in the short term and greater results in the medium and long term, being efficient in the use of human commercial assets, which are always limited.

The concept of commercial inertia is explained very graphically by the company Hubspot (Software for inbound marketing automation).

Qué es Flywheel así funciona el nuevo funnel de conversión circular de Hubspot Marketing 4 Ecommerce Tu revista de marketing online para e commerce

Here the sales process is represented in a circular way, where the consumer moves on and grows in the process and therefore our content must be adapted to each of its phases.

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Today we leave it here and in future instalments we will continue to tell you about our Allbound methodology. A methodology contrasted with our extensive experience in the search for new clients and markets for the companies that have trusted us over the years. It's not magic, it's experience!