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Express Commercial Action Orientation

Orientación Express de la Acción Comercial

In three sessions of no more than 3 hours each (adjustable depending on the company profile), the aim is to establish a highly objective-oriented action plan for the next 6 months.

A very interesting service that we are currently working with 10 small companies: 7 of them are industrial companies (pumps, gates, boilermakers, moulds, etc.), one food company, one textile company and one special transport company.

Some of these companies are not involved in commercial activities. In others, the organisation has a salesperson, but the organisation itself does not accompany them. There are also those in which the sales department needs to rethink segments, objectives and priorities... But one thing is common to all of them: the need to establish a systematic approach to sales monitoring.

Selling has to do with "Hunting" and also with "Fishing":

  1. Determine target: segmentation and prioritisation.
  2. Ammunition/hook= value proposition for each segment.
  3. Prepare with the right tools: organisation and commercial tools ....
  4. Action Plan: how much I want to hunt, where, who is going to do it and by when.
  5. Go hunting/fishing: execute the action plan. People with the right skills and the right follow-up to optimise and reorient and not give up.

The challenge is not to come up with an action plan, but to:

A) To add value from minute one in such disparate companies that have their own characteristics in terms of management team profile, previous experience and interpersonal dynamics in the teams involved.

B) Generate enough trust from the outset for these people to commit and work between sessions, thus making the following steps very productive.

In other words. That what we do is useful, and very useful: that they believe it and put it into practice.

We cannot deny the initial scepticism we arouse: "another consultant coming to tell us what to do?

...and YES. We are working as consultants, but from the ONURA essence: with the experience of the one who is doing it in first person, in many markets and sectors, working from and for the field, from and for the market.

That's where we are. And it is working. A small challenge, which is working out very well.