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Three keys to drawing up an international business plan for your business

Tres claves al elaborar un plan comercial internacional para tu negocio
  • If you are starting to enter new markets or niche markets.
  • If you are trying to launch a new product to a different customer profile.
  • If you are looking to reach international customers, live or through a new commercial channel.

You need to prepare a Business Plan.

At Onura we have been opening markets and studying success and "non-success" cases since 2005. And we have learned from all these experiences to develop the Allbound Sales methodology that we apply in our projects.

Three keys to drawing up an International and/or National Business Plan that will bring you closer to your goals.

Key 1: Lean Approach. Think long term, but Plan short term.

When preparing an international sales plan, we should always focus on achieving results in the short term and generating commercial inertia in the medium and long term.

Over time, we have come across many cases of companies that have overestimated their possibilities and have not known when to take a step back or change their strategy.

It is not enough to have a good product or service, it is necessary to prepare a good commercial action plan that allows us to quickly check its viability/profitability with the target market.

Often what really makes the difference between a good or bad strategy is the ability to quickly and accurately detect whether your product/solution will really have a chance in the new international market or whether it is better to step aside and look for another opportunity.

The business plan has to have a "Lean" approach.

Key 2: Focus on the Segment.

The fact that the commercial action plan is international does not mean that we have to adjust to strategies with a geographical focus.

Often, in B2B or B2B2B2B businesses, it is better to think about end-customer profiles or segmented commercial channels, and "attack" where they are. In other words, prioritise the customer segment and the value proposition to that customer over a purely geographical approach, although location, language, culture, time zone, distance... will always be present when segmenting.

Having a long-term vision, but a short-term commercial work plan framed in a commercial strategy that allows us to grow and be profitable throughout the sales chain.

Key 3: Focus on Value

What we propose has to be profitable for us, our distribution/representation network and end customers.

When we talk about sales chain, our product or solution is very important, but more important is the ability to generate business for our sales/distribution/representation network.

We don't sell products... we don't sell services. We sell improvements. We sell business. We sell profitability.

We should talk more about B4BxV than B2B Sales: We sell Business to another Business for the Value we generate for them.

In this way it will be easy to decide whether to invest in order to build a commercial inertia applying the concept of Allbound Sales, or it is better to withdraw before wasting resources.

How do we like to accompany you? By integrating us into your sales team to execute your sales plan.

Thanks to the more than 15 years in which we have accompanied companies like yours that wanted to go beyond the Spanish borders, we have realised something very important.

If we want to ensure results, there is no point in creating a business plan to attract customers and then leaving us to one side. We add value both in the planning and by integrating ourselves into the commercial process and accompanying you day by day in its implementation.

We use our network of contacts in complementary products and explore online and offline possibilities to make decisions, prioritise actions and implement them in the right way for each project.

In this way we know first-hand how the strategy is working and we have the ability to react from market contact and make decisions in real time that allow us to close the expected sales.

We accompany you in all phases of the project

That is why we will accompany you in all phases of the business plan and we will work in a flexible way, adapted to your needs, opportunities and aspirations at each specific moment.

Lean approach. Segment approach. Value" approach and always generating commercial inertia: allbound sales.

If you would like us to tell you in more detail how we can help your business, we would love to talk to you to give you a much more accurate answer.

Every business is unique and we strive to prepare a specific international sales plan for each individual case.