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Onura - Intergune Assessment

Onura - Intergune Assessment

This week, a large part of the Onura Consulting team travelled at different times to the BILBAO EXHIBITION CENTRE (BEC) on the occasion of #INTERGUNE 2022, the main event related to the export activity of companies held in the Basque Country and organised by Basque Trade & Investment / Basque Internationalisation Agency of the SPRI Group, Eusko Jaurlaritza - Basque Government.

From our point of view, this year's event was not very well attended, although the talks given during the event were interesting.

However, as we always say, it is a commercial action that is part of the whole and therefore should not be seen only one by one, but as a whole.

Commercial action is a process. The objective is to generate "Commercial Inertia".

Our participation in Intergune is a moment in the process that we have been able to use to communicate before, during and after with our current and potential customers, and the results may come in the short, medium or long term.

We have had, however, few but good meetings with several companies with which we do not work yet and we have been able to maintain contact with other companies "partners" in supporting the internationalization of the Basque industry.

Eskerrik asko to visitors, exhibitors, organisation. We continue! AUZOLANA buruan eta ibili Munduan!