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Onura at Midest, Paris 2013

Onura en Midest, Paris 2013

Sometimes, you don't know why, a person/customer you've been trying to meet for a long time shows up at the booth. Sometimes a company we didn't know asks about our product. Sometimes a company is just looking for what they see. Sometimes a customer's supplier fails, and that's when you're there. That person, that customer is at Midest. That "sometimes" happens at Midest.

The MIDEST show in Paris is, together with Hannover, the main European Subcontracting show, with many of the main Purchasing Managers as visitors, and where we can, without a doubt, make good business contacts, with people that otherwise would be very difficult to reach.

Shared stand: low cost, good contacts:

Last year Onura set up the first stand shared with five small companies (Forging, Rubber, Mechanics, Lifting and Machining) and the experience was PROFITABLE.

It happened to us what "sometimes" happens: we got in contact with new customers that we did not know, and with whom we are already working and we were able to offer to customers that we had not been able to reach, such as Alstom Power (Nuclear). We also made contacts with complementary companies and, of course, we learned more about what the international competition is doing.

Why participate as a group?

LOWER COST, HIGHER PROFITABILITY: 2800 euros per company, including:

  • Presence in a shared stand.
  • Sending and receiving samples and commercial material.
  • Staff with a lot of commercial and multilingual experience in the stand (more than 20 years generating international business) that will:1.Transmit the seriousness and confidence of the product presented.2.Understand the need of the client who is interested.3.Leave open the possibility of a second post-fair contact, to pursue the offer and the sale.
  • Visits and reports on and/or contact with the exhibitors you are interested in meeting.

MORE INFORMATION: Share all the contacts generated in the group, thus multiplying the opportunities to get in touch with people that interest you.

BETTER IMAGE: You will be able to communicate to all your current and potential clients your presence at the Fair. In addition, in many occasions for small companies going in group means a stronger image.

GREATER FAIR EFFICIENCY: If you visit the fair, you don't have to stay at the stand, so you have quality time to visit the fair and make the relevant contacts. You don't have to go to the fair if it doesn't suit you; you don't need to go the day before to set up the stand, nor do you have to be at the stand.

How do we do it?

Our staff will dedicate quality time to learn about your company in order to generate this initial "connection" with your potential customers.

Our staff will represent your company at the Midest booth. When they return, they will bring back to you all the results: information and opportunities.

What do we need from the participants?

  • Catalogs in French/English.
  • Roll up or posters with corporate image / product photos / "strength" messages.
  • Product samples (if possible).

What positions do we handle?

We have 10 days to close the group.

  • Since then, we will coordinate, material to send, knowledge of the companies, and preparation of agendas in fair, in order to optimize participation.
  • We will prepare a web page of the group so that potential clients can see each of the companies.
  • We will prepare a standard email that you can send to your current and potential clients.
  • We can, if you wish, take advantage of October to launch a commercial campaign of contact and invitation to current and potential clients (not included).