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Onura at Hannover Messe 2014

Onura at Hannover Messe 2014

Next week is the Hannover Messe, the main subcontracting fair in Europe, with the permission of MIDEST (Paris in November).

This year we will be there 5 people from the team working for 8 Basque companies that want to increase or, in some cases, start their exports.

We can meet in Hannover. We will be mainly in HALL 4, stand D66 where we are representing a delegation of companies from Bizkaia, in the stand of the Txorierri region.

In Hannover, as we usually say, we are going to fish and to hunt. To fish in the stand, if someone sees something that interests him, he will stop and we will try to continue the contact after the fair.

Hunting. There are a lot of exhibitors that can be potential customers. Obviously when you are an exhibitor something that usually bothers you is that they come to sell instead of buying .... but it is also true that an exhibitor has a certain "right" to try to make business contact with another exhibitor. That is why we promote and participate in multi-company stands.

It is about optimizing results with a relatively small cost, if we compare it with alone or even with not going (opportunity cost). Of course, if we go, we are going to take advantage of it: to fish and to hunt.