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Morocco 2021, Destination and Origin

Morocco 2021, Destination and Origin

Nasser Ben Kadda

Business Director Maghreb

Onura Consulting, Casablanca Branch.

A few days ago, our colleague Nasser Ben Kadda, Onura Maghreb Business Director, attended several webinars organised by ICEX on the neighbouring country, Morocco, with the aim of contrasting his own perspective of the current situation, the impact of Covid-19 in the region and to present the future prospects for Spanish companies.

The topics to be discussed were:

  • Webinar East Africa: business opportunities for Spanish companies.
  • Webinar Sub-Saharan West Africa: Business opportunities for Spanish companies.

In both webinars, the importance of Morocco as a country that presents great opportunities for Spanish companies that want to export or as a gateway for companies that want to open new markets was explained.

As we mentioned in a previous post, Spain is the leading exporter to Morocco, displacing the historical exporter, France. This is thanks to its proximity, the few administrative complications and the tax advantages it offers.

Despite the epidemic, as we can see in the reports produced by New Global Intelligent, foreign companies continue to invest and set up in Africa.

In Morocco and from Morocco, we have to look at the medium and long term when it comes to generating relations, and in this sense, although the pandemic is affecting the short term, we continue to see that there are opportunities in the medium and long term.

In both webinars, the speakers explained the methodology and functioning of Moroccan companies and entrepreneurs. Morocco is not a country for short term projects, negotiations tend to be long, they are not very reactive in their responses, emails are not answered instantly and local contact is very important.

The human relationship is fundamental, travel again and again, show great interest with our interlocutors at the destination (let's not forget that they are big traders) and be humble. Once we establish a relationship of trust, we will have earned their loyalty in the long term.

As we often say at Onura, results are achieved by working on the ground and thanks to our presence there, led by our partner Nasser, we can go where others cannot, establish trusting relationships, create new opportunities and maintain existing ones.

We have extensive experience in sectors such as: food, wind, water and automotive industries and a methodology proven over the years that we make available to our clients for their internationalisation process.

“Always on the ground, from strategy to action”