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Improve Customer Management with KUDEABIDE 2017

Improve Customer Management with KUDEABIDE 2017

Over the last three years we have worked with several companies with very good results within the framework of the Kudeabide programme.

The companies, after carrying out the management diagnosis with Euskalit consultants, and detecting the potential for improvement in the process-customer, hired our services as an external consultant to accompany them in improving the process and from ONURA, as always, we did it with a very practical orientation.

The simple and direct "learning by doing" that we have always applied.

We learn by doing. We improve the process, selling, with the customer always at the centre of the strategy, with the value proposition to each of the links in our sales chain, in the centre. We analyse, prioritise, adjust the value proposition and take it to the customer. Selling, getting results while improving the process.

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ONURA: Certified consultants.

PROJECT: Consolidation: Customer Process Improvement (2B)


At ONURA we bring a lot of value by orienting the processes to obtain results in current and potential customers, fostering customer relationships and efficiency in all elements of the Value Chain (from the development of products and services, their marketing, to their production, distribution and maintenance).

APPLICATION: between March 1 and May 31.

BENEFICIARIES: Companies with 5 or more employees.

AID: Up to 60% non-refundable subsidy:

  • with a maximum of €6,000 for companies with 5 to 49 employees.
  • with a maximum of €25,000 for companies with more than 50 employees.

OBJECTIVE: To promote the improvement of the competitiveness of Basque companies by supporting the application and implementation of methodologies, tools and principles of the Advanced Management Model, through an initial contrast and the development of pilot projects and/or consolidation projects.


  • A comparison of the company's management should be carried out using the Advanced Management Model as a tool.
  • Based on this assessment, the company must draw up an Action Plan, which can be divided into two different phases:
    1. Pilot Project, to carry out pilot projects for the practical application of Advanced Management methodologies.
    2. Consolidation projects: To carry out a competitive improvement project through the consolidation of an advanced management practice identified in the Initial Contrast. The development of the project will require the collaboration of external consultants.

DEADLINES: the deadlines foreseen for this year are as follows:

  • Start of application for contrasts or update of contrasts: 1 March.
  • The completion of the Initial Contrast Update, for those companies that carried out the initial contrast in the 2014 and 2015 call, (through the programme's website).
  • End of application for contrasts: 31 May
  • Start of application for consolidation projects (2B): According to the regulations of each entity.
  • End of application for consolidation projects (2B): End of September (according to the regulations of each entity).

CONTACT: for further information, please contact us (Aritz Santiago: 663 352 616).

About the programme: