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Allbound Sales & Commercial Inertia: 3 learnings

Allbound Sales & Commercial Inertia: 3 learnings

A few months ago we put a name to something we had been doing naturally.

From March to September 2020 we focused on a fundamental aspect of the commercial strategy of any sales-focused company: the generation of Commercial Inertia.

Thus, in July 2020 we launched the concepts of Commercial Inertia and Allbound Sales with our ON+ methodology, which we have reinforced and implemented in many clients throughout this year.

Together with our clients we have learned and improved and we would like to share our progress here

First, very briefly: What is the ON+ Allbound Sales methodology based on?

All sales, and especially B2B sales, have two key aspects that must be taken into account in any Sales Plan: Prospecting and Follow-up. The objective is to generate an ever-increasing Commercial Inertia Wheel.

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With a sustained rhythm of prospecting, on the one hand we will be detecting companies with real current interest and on the other hand we will have more and more well segmented and qualified companies to follow up because they do not have real interest or capacity to buy at the moment, but may have it in the medium and long term.

This is the basis of Commercial Inertia and to be able to "exploit" it well we propose the ON+ B2B Sales methodology, which mixes the concepts of outbound sales and inbound marketing.

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We already knew this, but just as in cold door prospecting it is necessary to establish a balance between the number of companies and people you contact and the number of times you "pursue" them in a period of time, in the follow-up part, as we expand the database it is essential to create a follow-up process that mixes sending segmented and traceable content with a more "human" follow-up via call, personal email or linkedin message based on the following:

    • interactions with content (trackable with inbound alarms)
    • importance of the account/company/individual.

For this it is very important to be able to use a good CRM, which has to be well thought out and organised..


This is perhaps the main difficulty we have encountered with most of our clients, who had neither the habit nor the staff to do it.

It is one thing to agree on what needs to be done and another to do it.

First, the content plan is prepared for the target customers, but in addition:

    • A process of creating them together with key people in key departments.
    • An image template.
    • A publication process.

And we have seen that it is important that we accompany the process. We investigate. We ask questions. We write. We publish.  

Moving from words to deeds.


This is obvious, and we have been doing it (with room for improvement) for years. The reality is that there is a lot of technology available at lower or higher cost, and not all projects are worth implementing the same technology. But it is always necessary for proper monitoring.

We are talking about:

    • CRM (ours or the client's).
    • Tracking of openings of mailings and emails.
    • Tracking of downloadable content.
    • Quote reading tracking,
    • Self-managed" calendars
    • Trackeo of companies visiting our website
    • and others related to the LinkedIn environment.

As you can see, if you've read this far, we like to talk more about Allbound Sales than Inbound Marketing.

More about Commercial Strategy than Digital Strategy.

And let's not forget about SEO and SEM..

We don't use SEM too much in our projects unless there are very specific terms that are worth trying.

SEO, however, can be more fruitful in the medium term, and therefore, although we are not gambling with the results that someone will find us, it is advisable to work the content with an SEO mentality, using the right terms so that whoever we want can find us.

For example in this article we have written it thinking of people who can search for the terms "Inercia Comercial" (5) "Ventas Allbound"(5) "inbound marketing"(3), as well as "Plan comercial"(2), CRM (2)