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Tenth Anniversary Onura Ten years with you!

Décimo Aniversario Onura ¡Diez años contigo!

Ten years have already passed since we detected the lack of experience and support that Basque companies had when it came to opening new clients in new markets. And a lot has happened since then... We live in an increasingly global world in which nobody questions the importance of selling abroad. Every day new tools are born and created with the purpose of supporting the internationalization of Basque companies... with more or less success.

We started ONURA by bringing together the two most important requirements when starting a new project: an experienced team and an innovative service for the times.

Luis Navajas – Founding Partner

And so we continue a decade later: with the same spirit for which we were born and with a more complete team each time. Differentiating ourselves thanks to the experience "in the field" accumulated during all this time and relying on a methodology more than contrasted, which we continue to evolve and improve and that accelerates any internationalization project.

To and for you.