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Prointer Programme 2013, internationalisation programme

Programa Prointer 2013, programa de internacionalización

On 22 May, the call for the granting of aid for the Prointer Programme, the Internationalisation Programme, for the 2013 financial year, which will be allocated 5,520,000 euros, was made public.

This programme aims to support the international activity of companies in two lines:

  • Reflection to realise an Action Plan.
  • Execution of the International Action Plan.
  • Implementation at destination.

A good reflection is fundamental: We have to be efficient and effective. Prioritise, aim well. The budget is limited, "we have few bullets", we have to do things right. Selling in other countries may be possible, but we need consistency and "direction" from all areas of the company. We also need first-hand information on the markets we are targeting.

ONURA specialises in precisely this: Prioritising, Targeting and obtaining real data on the sales potential of a product/service in a market. And we do this by trying to sell "on the road". "Executing". We shorten the deadlines, we accelerate the process.

From our point of view, the reflection has to be done by contrasting with the market and this contrast can be done by trying to sell.

As reflection is fundamental, a maximum of 50% of our invoice is subsidised (although the reality in recent years has been close to 30%).

Execution of the Plan: trips, fairs, catalogues, web... to sell you have to do it. And Prointer subsidises the execution of a maximum of 40% (although in recent years it has been close to 20%).

Again, if there is one thing that characterises the ONURA team, it is EXECUTION. We work as part-time commercial departments and our services can be subsidised in the case of being shared with other companies.


Applicant entities and companies may submit their applications electronically or conventionally, on paper. In both cases, the deadline for submitting applications is 25 June.

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