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Opening up customers in the Middle East

Abriendo clientes en Oriente Medio

Textile Childcare Sector. A very nice case and with which we are very involved and committed.

This is the second trip of the year that we make to the Middle East with the aim of opening points of sale for our client, between the previous trip in July and this one, we believe that we have managed to contact and in most cases, visit:

  • All major accounts in the area.
  • Major boutiques or groups of stores.

This second 8-day trip to 5 countries (Dubai, Abudhabi, Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain) has been decisive: we have managed to close first orders with 4 customers we visited for the first time in the last trip. And we have offered three new contacts from this second trip, which we will probably close after our third or fourth trip to the destination country.

In this way we ended the year with 6 customers in the area (5 more than the previous year), doubling our turnover and building loyalty to establish a solid commercial network for the future.

In addition, we bring valuable information to the product design department, so that we can continue to adapt our designs and measurements to the particular needs of the area. Listening to the customer to help them sell more is key.

As for the political-economic situation of the regions... The sensations are "other": oil is low, the war is close, there are political tensions, terrorism continues and the IMF warns that they should start thinking about applying consumption taxes in some economies to stabilize budgets. All these countries have lived through better times until not so long ago and we will have to follow with special attention the evolution of the area during 2016.