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Global Lehian 2016: Grants for Internationalisation

Global Lehian 2016: Ayudas para la Internacionalización

As every year, the registration period for the Basque Government grants for the internationalisation actions of SMEs in the Basque Autonomous Community is now open. In other words: you can now sign up for GLOBAL LEHIAN 2016 (until 18/05/2016, deadline).

The aim of these grants is to improve the competitiveness of Basque companies through their internationalisation. Either individually or in cooperation. To this end, non-refundable grants will be awarded based on the starting point and level of maturity of each company, which are classified as follows:

  • INITIATION: 40% subsidy with a limit of 20.000 €.
  • CONSOLIDATION: 40% subsidy with a limit of 30.000 €.

What do we develop in each modality?


  1. Elaboration of the Internationalisation Plan (Compulsory).
  2. Early actions:
    • Trips.
    • Visits to trade fairs.
    • Preparation of visit agendas.
  3. For cooperating companies, the following will be subsidised in addition to those listed above:
    • Feasibility study.
    • Incorporation expenses.


  1. (It is necessary to have an updated Internationalisation Plan).
  2. Actions:
    • Prospecting trips.
    • Invitations to potential companies, clients and/or foreign suppliers.
    • Participation in trade fairs abroad.
    • Promotional material.
    • Publicity.
    • Feasibility study of potential implementation projects.
  3. For export consortia, further support will be given to:
    • Operating expenditure.

IMPORTANT: the level of demand for the internationalisation plan is increasing.