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Olaia Garralda

Inside Sales

Hello, my name is Olaia Garralda and I am from San Sebastian.

I studied Business Administration and Management with a major in International Management Skils.

The truth is that my passion for the international world comes from a very young age since my parents instilled in me the values of traveling, learning about new cultures and opening my mind from a very early age.

This experience has made me develop a lot of curiosity for the unknown and empathy.

After finishing my studies I worked as a strategic consultant for a few months. It was a very interesting experience but I soon realized that what I really wanted was to have a work experience in another country, and if possible in a "different" culture.

I had it very clear, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, I decided for Africa and my instinct took me to Dakar, Senegal, where I worked for a year in a local company supporting companies in generating business in Africa.

In Dakar, in addition to perfecting my French (and taking the plunge with Portuguese), I became very aware of the importance of perseverance and appreciated the value of resilience. Adaptability and persistence are key in international business.

Upon my return, I contacted ONURA because I was clear about what I wanted to do and I was quickly able to start working doing what I love.

As part of the Inside Sales department, I work on business development projects with our customers and strive to ensure a better commercial performance for them.