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Nasser Ben Kadda

Business Director North Africa and Middle East

My name is Nasser Ben Kadda and I am a citizen of the world. I have Moroccan origins but I have put down roots in Spain.

I have always known that I wanted to work in sales. I started selling houses and working as an interpreter for foreign clients. However, after the fall of the real-estate sector, I had to move into a different business. Therefore, I started to work in the agri-food sector, establishing contact between exporters and importers. After years of continuous but satisfying work, I not only learnt about buying and selling but also to deal with clients, bank managers, notary publics and lawyers.

After a period of maturation, I turned my life around and continued with my studies. This time, I focused on the business field, which I was passionate about. So after almost eight years on the ground, I stopped and started a student life, a little nervous but eager to learn. Four years and a university degree later, I joined the Onura team, to manage projects of North Africa and the Middle East.

Morocco offers great opportunities to Basque SMEs, and combining my love for these two cultures allows me to develop more than just professionally. Travelling, getting to know different ways of living and learning from the differences are some of the things that I most like to do. And I thank Allah that my job allows me today to enjoy both leisure and work.