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Monika Ramos

Administration and Finance

Hi, I’m Monika Ramos.

I studied Administration and Finance and I have worked in Onura since 2010, in the administration and accounting department. A couple of years ago, I took a turn in my career and I joined the Inside Sales team. This change to the sales field has allowed me to develop some abilities that I couldn’t put into practice before: being persuasive, creating interest in the client, creating harmony, working on my argumentative ability to make significant contact with potential clients and finally getting to arrange meetings and close orders. I mainly work on national-scale projects, in different sectors such as additive manufacturing, transport, injection moulds or software.

So today, I combine my two facets, applying them according to needs. A global vision helps me use the best of each methodology and to improve day by day our work processes.

Perhaps, what makes me most different from my colleagues is my UNwillingness to fly. I’m a woman who likes to keep her feet on the ground, literally. However, I love to get my kids in the car and to hit the road!