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Ivan Ollo

Senior Commercial

I’m Iván Ollo.

Since when I went abroad to live several years in Germany back when I was 18, I’ve always been focused on foreign trade. And travelling. And relating to other cultures. And watching. And listening. And meeting demands. And learning.

I would mention two main features: empathy with the client and commercial tenacity. I don’t let the prey go.

I’ve lived, studied and worked in several countries. I speak fluent English and German. I can also speak French and Italian in informal conversations where not-too-technical vocabulary is used, but with the adequate level to sell industrial product according to design specifications to key account clients in France.

I consider myself a facilitator and a business developer. I like to help others and bring people together. My studies have always attached me to Management, Marketing and Organization, and so far I have developed most of my activity as Sales Manager, mainly in Exports.

I also like to teach and communicate my experience in an appealing and interactive way.

When I’m not working, I’m practising popular hobbies: reading, the cinema, sports, friends and chocolate. Sweets and dark chocolate. My downfall.