Txorierri Behargintza

Development Agency of the Txorierri region.

Txorierri Behargintza and Onura have worked together in several projects related to cooperation among companies of their region and the opening of new international markets for them.

A shared stand in the Hanover trade fair.

This was the last action of an ambitious and well-planned project of the development agency of the Txorierri region, located in Sondika, that also involved some companies driven by the development agency of Ortuella, Mehatzaldeko Behargintza. A stand was shared in this main trade fair for subcontracting solutions, which we attended with six companies from Biscay.

We also worked for EGAZ Txorierri, together with our partner company Ope Consultores, in a project involving to drive more than 60 small or medium-sized companies belonging to different fields. The project was mainly oriented to Automotive and Aeronautical industries, distinguishing three lines of work:

  • Developing collaborative groups in different fields.
  • Encouraging commercial activity.
  • Encouraging international commercial research.