Roller Industrial

Medium-sized company that produces and distributes bearings and other components.

Roller has several lines of business. At a time when the domestic market was stagnant and in decline, Roller decided to go for the international market. But they had little experience.

Together we started a new project where we would try to sell in several markets. We initially focused on the UK, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, and we ended up working on North African countries and Sub-Saharan Africa. We were wrong at the beginning and made a ‘cheap’ mistake that we quickly solved, by using what we had learnt to create a defined value propositionfor each market.

After this project, Roller hired an Export Manager and we easily transferred our knowledge and contacts to him.

Afterwords, we have continued to work with Roller on specific projects. For instance, we shared a stand at the trade fair for subcontracting solutions in Hannover, aiming to launch a new line of business.